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Knoxville, Tennessee

Market Square Kitchen in Knoxville
Market Square Kitchen
1 Market Square Southwest
Knoxville, TN 37902-1405

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Review by: spotf15 on 9/12/2010
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Sunday morning and Pete's Coffee Shop is closed so I tried this restaurant. Of the breakfast eateries right in the same square, this was the only one with customers so I was hopeful it would be good. At best, it was so-so. The $6 three-topping omelet comes with absolutely no sides. Adding hashbrowns with onions costs another $3 and the serving size was small. The hashbrowns were just a small heap on a coffee saucer sized plate. The omelet is served open faced and the side that was down was way too browned for my liking. In all $13.41 with tax and tip was too much for what I had. On the positive side the staff was young, friendly, and attentive and did a good job keeping my coffee cup filled. The coffee was good but not great as it was pushing the limit at which point I would call it bitter. Needed a little sugar for the locally roasted coffee.

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