Super Fast Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Super Fast Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

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  • 4 thick slices bacon
  • 1 English muffin
  • 1 large Egg
  • 2 slices American cheese
  • salt and pepper - to taste
  • 5 paper plates
  • 1 paper drain cup
Microwave 4 thick strips of bacon on 2 paper plates and cover with 1 paper plate - for 3 minutes. Drain grease into cup, cook bacon for 1 more minute. Remove bacon from microwave.

Meanwhile, toast English muffin. On a paper plate shake salt and pepper to desired amount. Break egg over the plate and microwave for 55 seconds.

With a butter knife, remove egg from plate. Place over 1 slice of cheese on the toasted English. Place over that the 3 bacon strips and other piece of cheese. Top off with other English side.

Put the fourth cooked bacon slice on a clean paper plate with the breakfast sandwich and microwave for 16 seconds. Throw away the 4 used paper plates, wipe counter and put knife in sink.

Cook and serve in about 6 minutes with only 1 item to wash. This sandwich is also known as the Bacon MacTam BreakFAST Sandwich.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank my1995harley for this recipe.

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From c.w.

@slowbob You read the directions wrong. It says seconds not minutes.

Comment submitted: 3/2/2012 (#13599)

From slowbob

How can it be done in 6.5 minutes when you say to cook the bacon for 16 minutes? I believe there's a misprint in this recipe. Thank you.

Comment submitted: 4/8/2008 (#4986)

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