Champagne Mimosa

Champagne Mimosa

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  • 1 ounce orange juice
  • 3 ounces champagne
We made the batch of mimosas you see here for National Cereal Day 2016 (March 7). We had a small group of friends over and drank mimosas and ate cereal all afternoon. The juice was from fresh blood oranges, so the cocktails look more deep red than most other mimosas. Everyone loved the drinks and drank many of them. Success! (This recipe was submitted in 2005. It was tested and photographed in March 2016.)

Champagne Mimosas

How To Make A Champagne Mimosa

In a champagne flute (or any glass), pour the orange juice followed by the champagne. Do not stir.

Or... pour the champagne and then the orange juice. There are no hardcore rules. As long as it's 3 parts champagne to 1 part orange juice, you're gonna have a good time!

Champagne Mimosas

Although Purists Say... Always pour the orange juice first. The champagne is thicker and will mix down into the orange juice naturally.

The definitive brunch cocktail. Just two ingredients: orange juice and champagne. Very easy to make.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank KennyRogers for this recipe.

Comments About This Recipe
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From Timmy

That is a mimosa, a bucks fizz has two parts orange juice to one part champagne. A mimosa is the very opposite, giving the mimosa a much higher alcohol content.

Comment submitted: 10/4/2014 (#19032)

From Drink Master

The original mimosa did not include Orange liqueur. That was not created until later.

Comment submitted: 9/13/2009 (#8687)

From tipsy

How do you calculate your alcohol intake with this drink. Say if I had 5 flute glasses of this drink how much alcohol intake is there.

Comment submitted: 8/19/2007 (#3408)

From From Wikipedia

A Mimosa is a cocktail-like drink composed of three parts champagne and two parts thoroughly chilled orange juice, traditionally served in a tall champagne flute with a morning brunch. It is also often served to early guests at weddings, and in first class on jet airliners.

An added tablespoon of Grand Marnier creates what's known as a Grand Mimosa.

Comment submitted: 1/18/2007 (#1245)

Official Member: Team BreakfastFrom bunny617 (Team Breakfast Member)

That's not a mimosa. Mimosa has to have orange liquer in it like cointreau or grand marnier, otherwise its just a bucks fizz!

Comment submitted: 1/17/2007 (#1228)

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