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Chicago, Illinois

Medici on 57th
1327 E 57th St, Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 667-7394

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Review by: Visitor on 11/21/2010
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Medici on 57th is in Hyde Park, Chicago, adjacent to the University of Chicago. It has that brainy student atmosphere of wood, brick, and things carved in the tabletops.

They have their own bakery on premises and it is pretty darn good. You can squeeze your own glass of orange juice too. They offer multiple cocoa choices served in a lovely individual decanter.

The food is upscale, not cheap, yet served in a very casual setting.

This is one of those places that Chicago likes to think represents it's intelligencia. They sell shirts that say 'Obama Eats Here' if that does anything for you.

Now the bad news. They open at 9 am on Sundays. That's right 9 am, unless you just want to go to their 'new' bakery next door which is not at all a proper restaurant.

Yes, they have hipstered their way out of my dining list by being both pretentious and open way to late for breakfast. Enjoy the pay-to-park meters out front, that YES, are working on Sunday mornings before 9....

Award Nomination: Biggest Ripoff

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