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Payson, Arizona

Beeline Cafe
On highway 87 aka the Beeline Highway on the right east side of road shortly after you enter town from the south.

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Review by: charliewalters on 7/28/2008
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Great breakfast but the thing here is the Blackberry pie alamode. If you must skip breakfast and go staight to the pie. Most of the waitresses have the good sense to heat it but ask to be sure. They have the best soft serve ice cream to top the pie but you have to ask for it too because they have regular ice cream also. It will be the best pie you ever ate! If the waitress is busting your chops the whole time you're there just order the pie alamode and she'll give it to you correctly. Can't remember her name but don't try and spar with her you'll never get the upper hand. She'll dish out the sarcasm and cheap shots and if you're smart you'll sit there and take it. Leave her a big tip so she never leaves. The entertainment value is worth it alone. If you're there for lunch or dinner try the hot beef sandwich. They practically pay you for it and its delicious although not always quite hot enough.

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

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