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Dear Mr Breakfast,
Where does the word breakfast come from?
- Muffin

AnswerRight on, Muffin. That's an excellent question. The word "breakfast" literally means "to break fast".

A "fast", as you know, is a period of time where you don't eat. Most often, we relate that to extended periods of time -- Ghandi and all that business. But for us regular joes, the period of time when we don't eat is nighttime. We might be dreaming of eating, but by the most strict definition, we're "fasting" while we sleep.

And when do we break that fast? In the morning, of course. Breakfast!

Unfortunately in today's society, I'm afraid people interpret "fast" as how speedily they can wolf down their McMuffins or last nights pizza before they leave for work.

Between you and me, I wish it was called "break-slow". I don't have to tell you how important it is to start your day right. Breakfast establishes the tone for the next 16 hours. Why not treat yourself to a nice meal and a quality hour to collect yourself and focus on what's important.

Thanks so much for the question.

Your Friend,
Mr Break-SLOW

A Rebuttal From Carsten of London Dated 12/10/09

Dear Mr. Breakfast,

The word Breakfast doesn't come from "to break fast". Many countries make big breakfasts with loads of courses and it's not like you can break fast for that.

The word "Brack" is the origin and the dutch word for a hole in a dyke. (source Wikipedia)

The word "fast" come from the gothic "fastan" which means to hold on to something. (source Wikipedia)

Todays German "fasten" means to not eat (usually after the carnival - "Fastenzeit" - "time of not eating").

Originally brack fasten just meant to hold/to fill a hole in a dyke. :)



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