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Review by: kellsarah on 8/26/2008
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Good breakfast but not the best I've ever had. I'll go there again but not my first choice. The atmosphere is a little dark and it's a little cramped in there, I've gotten good waitresses but also some pretty bad ones. No complaints on the food but it's not spectacular.

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Review by: nfarrah on 5/3/2007
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Had an excellent breakfast here; as the other reviewer said, the biscuits & gravy are great. Spicy southwestern sausage was also delicious. The prices are great and the waitresses are friendly.

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Review by: fluna62 on 9/13/2002
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Great place, lots of variety. They have great biscuits and gravy. Smoking is allowed. Art work for sale decorates the walls. Senior portions as well as a children's menu.The omelettes are fantastic. Plenty of wide open parking.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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