Healthy Happy UK Breakfast

Healthy Happy UK Breakfast

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  • wholemeal bread
  • free-range eggs (organic if you can get them)
  • Marmite / yeast extract
  • low sugar and salt baked beans
  • low fat spread
Toast your bread (2 slices), spread with dairy-free or low fat spread and yeast extract, warm your beans, poach the eggs. Pour on the beans and top with an egg a piece.

For an even more delicious start to your day, use beans that you made yourself the night before, like Boston-style, chilli. The variations are up to you. Just remember to keep the salt and sugar content low (and the eggs from happy chickens!)

Contains all you need to start your day in a happy way: wholegrain fibre, healthy proteins and minerals from the extract.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank pipsy for this recipe.

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