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Chicago, Illinois

Sweet Maple Cafe
1339 W. Taylor St.

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Review by: dr.jelly on 6/11/2009
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Sweet Maple Cafe is the best kept secret that everyone seems to know about. This smallish restaurant, 14 tables(?) keeps busy 7 days a week. Like so many standout breakfast restaurants, weekends are for waiting.

Though I've been off coffee for a while, I make an exception here on Taylor Street (Seattle's Best - no skimping on the beans!) Classic cups like in my mom's kitchen where I learned to drink.

Personally, I lean towards omelets and SMC has choices. I move around, but the Sunrise Omelet is a favorite. Sausage, sweet onion and cheddar. Breakfasts come with biscuit or toast. Get the sweet milk biscuit. They have biscuits and gravy but the gravy is a bit saltier that I like. There's a half dozen scrambles too.

Here's an idea - sub the biscuit for the hot cheddar grits. Ohhh.

If I think I want to go lighter, there's the Egg and Cheeser (with country sausage) served like a sandwich on a sweet milk. At least I always think it will be a lighter dish. Hmm?

OK, I haven't forgot and I've really saved a treasure for last. No kidding the finest pancakes I've had. Light (but not too), sweet and perfectly cooked. Pretty to look at.

If there was never a wait it would be prefec... well maybe that's OK too. Nothing wrong with a little anticipation.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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