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Thousand Oaks, California

Harold's House of Omelettes
2440 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.

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Review by: sofiasommer on 2/14/2008
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Several years ago while passing through town, I asked a 'local' where to go for breafast. He directed me to Harold's, telling me that I'll be getting the best breakfast in Thousand Oaks... I can't argue with that assessment!... Now, whenever I'm on a northbound car-trip up highway 101, I like to leave Palos Verdes, CA before sunrise (to avoid LA traffic)and get to Harold's by 7am opening time... There are usually several customers waiting outside for the place to open... The cuisine is eclectic...Fabulous omelettes, of course... but a large array of other choices as well... Everything is cooked with fresh produce from local farms... I love to order 'a-la-carte' and "design" my own meal...Usually with eggs, sauteed fresh mushrooms, grilled (also fresh) jalapenos or habaneros, and assorted other vegetables and/or meat, cheeses etc... I make choices that suit my fancy that day... Yum-Yum!!!

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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