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Columbus, Ohio

Bread & Better
443 E Main St
Columbus, OH 43215

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Review by: hlmcentyre on 6/17/2005
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I've never had the breakfast fare at Bread & Better, but if their breakfasts are anything like their lunches and desserts ... oh my! Bread & Better is a casual but stylin' breakfast-lunch joint on the east side of downtown housed in a row of newer buildings on the south side of the street (a few doors east of the McDonald's at E. Main & Grant). Inside is a small, unassuming little place with a great big heart. Their food is homecooked, delicious. People line up for the rolls and bread alone, and they serve genuine Soul Food every Thursday, but go early or you'll miss out! The owner, Karen Whitson, and staff are as sweet as their southern ice tea. Their meal-size salads and sandwiches are gourmet delights on a BigBoy kinda price. It can be loud in their small space, so try the outdoor seating when the weather allows. I recommend Bread & Better 100%. I recently moved out of the Central Ohio area, and Bread & Better is one of the things that I miss the most. I can't rate their coffee and refills because I've never had it, but their selection of teas is quite nice. As my mom used to say, "Try it, you'll like it!"

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