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Lakewood, New Jersey

Cross Mill Diner
1200 River Ave. (Route 9 South)
Lakewood, NJ 08701

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Review by: breakfastcouple on 6/3/2013
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I don't how I missed writing a review for this place. We have been here many, many times. Mostly for Breakfast. In fact we rotate between this and two other places for our Sunday breakfasts. At this locations, there had to have been at least five other attempts to open a restaurant. For some reason Cross Mill Diner has succeeded and there are actually lines for breakfast when we are leaving. I had recommended this to a friend for dinner. The last time he took his mother there for lunch he couldn't get a parking spot. They are open Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. All the typical Greek specialties are on the menu. For breakfast I either have the three egg Eggs Benedict, Potato Pancakes (made to order if the cook has time because he grates the potatoes as needed) or one of the Omelettes. The place is relaxing and comfortable. The wait staff are friendly and efficient. The owner greets you when you arrive. They have a card that they record your purchase and you get a $10 reward toward a meal. We have gotten this once so far. My wife likes the eggs over easy with hash. Everything we've have was hot and served pretty fast. Never a disappointment. Will continue to go here. Have been here for lunch once and dinner once (during hurricane Sandy). Go!!

Award Nomination: Most Comfortable

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