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Manassas, Virginia

Juke Box Diner
8637 Sudley Rd
Manassas, VA 20110

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Review by: lafoyd on 4/16/2013
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After my wife and I had a bad experience at the Luna Cafe in Shirlington, we decided to stop here on the way to the mountains on Sunday for breakfast. I ordered my usual 2 eggs, bacon, toast, and home fries. My wife ordered her usual - eggs benedict. Both came out looking great, and it was! The coffee kinda sucked, but what the hay. The eggs were cooked perfectly, the toast was toasted just right, and the bacon was perfectly crispy - and not the paper thin bacon some of these diners serve - it was a hardy thickness. One thing about home fries that I look for is if they were just warmed or did they cook them (at least to some extent) before they are served. These home fries were definitely cooked just before serving - and not over done. My wife said the eggs benedict was very good - no the best, but very good indeed. The service was great. I don't know why the place was so empty though. that alone usually sets a red flag with me. For breakfast though, we will be back (but will save the coffee appetite for Starbucks). :)

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