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The Griddle Cafe
Hollywood, California

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Miss Florence Diner in Florence, Massachusetts

Misty Moonlight Diner in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Pleasant and Main in Housatonic, Massachusetts

Juice N' Java in Dalton, Massachusetts

Ozzie's Steak & Eggs in Hinsdale, Massachusetts

Kelly's Diner in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Wildberry's in Schaumburg, Illinois

Golden Olympic in Evanston, Illinois

Symphony’s Cafe in Evanston, Illinois

Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park, Illinois

Lucky Platter in Evanston, Illinois

Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop in Evanston, Illinois

Clarke's in Evanston, Illinois

Le Peep in Evanston, Illinois

GRIDDLE 145 in WHITEHALL, Pennsylvania

Joe Brown's Cafe in Vancouver, Washington

Talias in Londonderry, New Hampshire

Driftwood Restaurant in Marblehead, Massachusetts

Old Mill Diner in Charlestown, Rhode Island

Pitt Grill Fine Foods in New Boston, Texas

Johnny Grits in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Wayne's Corner Cafe in Stanwood, Washington

La Brioche in Madison, Wisconsin

Manna Cafe in Madison, Wisconsin

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