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Pacific Avenue

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Review by: Visitor on 6/16/2007
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Decided to try Grandy's after reading the reviews here, as it was close to home. Grandy's is in the old Sea Galley building and we were a little surprised to find the Sea Galley decor still there (after all these years). They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as have a bar area. Even though Pierce County is non-smoking and has been for well over a year the restaurant still smells like a closed bar.

The service was quick, efficient, and friendly. Coffee refills were never a problem. The menu has a fairly wide selection (with a nice kid's menu), though nothing out of the ordinary. Food came quickly and was hot. For those who like a "traditional basic breakfast" it was ok, but if you are looking for something with a little more zing or flavor Grandy's might not be your first choice.

Overall service was good, food ok, but ambiance here for breakfast was dark and depressing with no windows or natural light.

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