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Cookie Crisp: Vanilla Wafer

Cookie Crisp: Vanilla Wafer From: Ralston

This cereal was described on the box as a "sweetened cereal" with "artificial vanilla flavor." Like all Cookie-Crisp Cereal varieties, the pieces were intended to resemble miniature cookies. Those who miss this discontinued Ralston cereal, may have been temporarily satisfied in 2009 when General Mills introduced Cookie Crisp Sprinkles, which many agreed tasted similar to the old favorite.

Known premiums in Vanilla Wafer Cookie-Crisp: Free Magic Trick inside the box and Wacky Packages stickers inside the box.

Company Description: Ralston was originally part of The Ralston-Purina Company which was formed in 1902. The name Ralston stems from a minor social movement in the late 19th Century called Ralstonism - created by Webster Edgerly. Followers of the movement (about 800,000) followed the motto "Regime, Activity, Light, Strength, Temperation, Oxygen and Nature" - the first letters of which spelled out "Ralston"... Read on and see all cereals from Ralston

Additional Images

Title: Vanilla Wafer Cookie-Crisp Magic Trick

Submitter: jeffrey
Uploaded: 11/17/2010

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Title: Wacky Packages Cookie-Crisp Box

Submitter: DeeJay
Uploaded: 7/27/2009

Additional details

Title: Vanila Cookie-Crisp Box

Submitter: Mr Breakfast
Uploaded: 10/3/2008

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Comments About This Cereal
What do you think of Cookie Crisp: Vanilla Wafer?

Overall Average Rating = 5 (out of 5)

View all 42 comments for this cereal.

By 70s Kid

I get so disappointed that I only see the chocolate chip version of this cereal. No sprinkles necessary. Don't fix what isn't broken. Please bring back the happy little moments of my childhood in the simple 70s.

Comment submitted: 2/15/2015 (#18541)

By Martha

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

I loved this cereal. They need to bring it back. I like the vanilla Cookie Crisp better than the chocolate chip one. - M. Meyer

Comment submitted: 2/7/2015 (#18500)

By jeffery j.

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

OMG! How I miss eating cereal... The only kind I would eat... Please bring them back.... The 43 year old kid in me would approve.

Comment submitted: 10/5/2014 (#17785)

By biggin

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Best cereal ever! Please bring it back. Ranks right up there with that 80's cereal called Grins and Smiles and Giggles and Laughs!

Comment submitted: 9/19/2014 (#17701)

By emmie

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

They really need to bring this cereal back. It was my favorite! I never liked the chocolate chip one. Please, please, please bring it back!

Comment submitted: 8/21/2014 (#17535)

By Miami 3655

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Bring back this flavor of Cookie Crisp - at least as a temporary version.

Comment submitted: 6/24/2014 (#17237)

By tntbomb718

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

One of the best cereals ever. It's my second favorite of all time second to the Batman cereal.

Comment submitted: 6/3/2014 (#17132)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Bossladynicky1 (Team Breakfast Member)

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

OMG! MEMORIES! I'm an 80's kid and I would love to have my favorite cereal in my life again. I would also love to share that memory with my daughters.

Comment submitted: 3/26/2014 (#16477)

By Foreman

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Best cereal ever. I still yearn for it every time I go to the grocery store. Please bring it back!

Comment submitted: 3/23/2014 (#16449)

By Amp

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

WOW... Glad to see I'm not the only one who misses the BEST cereal EVER!! At 44 years old, I still check the shelves with a hope that they will appear, but... has not happened yet!!! Please bring them back!!

Comment submitted: 2/3/2014 (#15923)

View all 42 comments for this cereal.

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