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Sugar Smacks

Sugar Smacks From: Kellogg's
Introduced in 1953

  • When Sugar Smacks Cereal was introduced in 1953, it contained 56% sugar by weight. Coming in second place is Apple Jacks with 48%. Froot Loops and Sugar Corp Pops round out the top 4 with 48% and 46%, respectively. (These figures represent the cereals at their highest sugar levels).

Sugar Smacks was Kellogg's response to the success of Post's Sugar Crisp Cereal.

This cereal (or a recipe close to it) is currently available as Honey Smacks. In the 90's, it could also be found as, simply, Smacks Cereal.

Company Description: Kellogg's was originally founded as the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company in 1906. The company's founder Will Keith Kellogg is credited with inventing corn flakes along with his brother John Harvey Kellogg. The company was renamed the Kellogg Company in 1922... Read on and see all cereals from Kellogg's

Sugar Smacks Cereal Theater

Now Showing:
1950's Sugar Smacks Swing Commercial
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1960's Quick Draw McGraw Sugar Smacks Ad
1973 Vitamin Powered Sugar Smacks Ad
1978 Sugar Smacks Ad (Dig 'Em)
Dig 'Em Sugar Smacks Ad
Smackin' Brothers Sugar Smacks Commercial
Sugar Smacks Gimme A Smack Ad

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Title: 1977 Sugar Smacks Cereal Box

Submitter: jeffrey
Uploaded: 2/9/2011

Additional details

Title: Sugar Smacks Safari Stickers Box

Submitter: jeffrey
Uploaded: 1/12/2011

Additional details

Title: Sugar Smacks Sliding Puzzle Box

Submitter: jeffrey
Uploaded: 11/28/2010

Additional details

Title: Sugar Smacks Speedboat Box

Submitter: jeffrey
Uploaded: 11/24/2010

Additional details

Title: Sugar Smacks Single Serve Boxes

Submitter: jeffrey
Uploaded: 11/13/2010

Additional details

Title: Various Sugar Smacks Boxes

Submitter: jeffrey
Uploaded: 11/13/2010

Additional details

Title: Sugar Smacks Press Photo

Submitter: jeffrey
Uploaded: 11/13/2010

Additional details

Title: Sugar Smacks Daffy Danglers Box

Submitter: jeffrey
Uploaded: 11/10/2010

Additional details

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Comments About This Cereal
What do you think of Sugar Smacks?

Overall Average Rating = 4 (out of 5)

View all 13 comments for this cereal.

By colibri

I grew up with this great cereal. Had to switch to Post Sugar Crisp when we couldn't find it and they weren't nearly as good.

Comment submitted: 10/8/2013 (#14686)

By mami jo

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

I think its a bit weird in 2013 that my 8yr old can go to school and say he had Smacks for breakfast!

Comment submitted: 6/5/2013 (#12289)

By T. Hilfigure

They don't look like the Sugar Smacks I remember. Where do I order is it from. It's for my grocery Tub.

Comment submitted: 5/3/2013 (#11915)

By grecomic

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Aside from the sugar, I thought the taste and texture were pretty horrible when I was a kid. One of the few cereals I regretted begging my parents to buy.

Comment submitted: 2/11/2013 (#10749)

By sixties kid

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Captain Scarlet was used to advertise Sugar Smacks and you could collect badges from the packs.

Comment submitted: 1/17/2013 (#10414)

By lewlew

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

I love this cereal for snacking while watching TV. Can't seem to find them anymore. Do they still make them?

Comment submitted: 12/23/2012 (#10202)

By Jyn

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

I used to have a collection of Dig 'Em frogs. I love Sugar Smacks (aka Honey Smacks) to this day.

Comment submitted: 4/27/2012 (#7453)

By Lil tadpole

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

This is the best cereal on the market. Where can I find them now?

Comment submitted: 11/23/2011 (#5816)

By dig-um-guy

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

I love them! I have had them for breakfast for 38 years! I agree the comment by 'Pinkfloyd'... would love to see more Dig 'Um on this site.

Comment submitted: 11/15/2011 (#5763)

By tadpole

I love Sugar Smacks! I want to buy 'em but can't find anyone who sells 'em and I love Dig Em's!

Comment submitted: 10/18/2011 (#5514)

View all 13 comments for this cereal.

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