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Central City, Nebraska

Waffles 'n More in Central City
Waffles 'n More
Official address is 217 G Street, but it fronts on U.S. 30 in the center of town. Phone (308) 946-2802

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Review by: katbyrd41 on 7/7/2010
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This restaurant's real name is "The Gathering Place," but everybody calls it "Waffles 'n More" because that's more visible on their front window.

My husband and I live about 25 miles away, but we make the trip regularly. Darling Hubby loves their Belgian waffles, and I have to agree, they're pretty darn good. He almost always gets the "Waffle Combo," a whole waffle with 2 eggs and bacon or sausage.

I usually go for the omelets (love the Veggie omelet, and the Western omelet) or the Chicken-fried Steak. Either of these selections is always excellent. Hash browns are awesome--golden crisp on the outside, creamy moist on the inside. I always get the English muffin toast. They butter it generously.

They leave a carafe of coffee on the table, and a pitcher of water. The coffee is pretty standard stuff, nothing special but inoffensive.

Service is usually pretty good, although it can slow down when busy--Sunday mornings, look out! This is THE place to go after church! We've waited up to an hour for our food on some Sunday mornings; other days, we've experienced no excessive waits. But the girls are always cheerful, and they move fast.

Prices are very reasonable--I think the last time I got the Chicken-fried Steak, it was $6.95, and it's one of the highest-priced items on the menu.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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