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    Breakfast Safari DVD
    Breakfast in America CD By Supertramp Breakfast of Champions By Kurt Vonnegut

    Teach youngsters about maple syrup and other breakfast favorites. Like Whitney Houston says, "I believe children who love breakfast are the future."

    This album isn't completely about breakfast, but the parts that are make it worthwhile.

    Despite it's complete lack of recipes, Vonnegut's book does manage to entertain.
    Breakfast at Tiffany's DVD The Breakfast Club DVD My Breakfast with Blassie VHS - Andy Kaufman

    The title is deceptive as this film isn't so much about breakfast as it is a romantic examination of some chick.

    Mr Breakfast once met Judd Nelson at a bar. A guy peeked in the bar and told Judd his car was in a loading zone. Judd looked at me and chuckled, "Its cool. I'm getting loaded." True story.

    Andy Kaufman eats breakfast with former wrestling champion and self-proclaimed "King of Men" Freddie Blassie. will occasionally update their prices. If an item's price differs from the price shown here, the price listed at will be correct. Please notify Mr Breakfast if you notice such a discrepancy. Recommendations are provided as a courtesy/for entertainment only.

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