The $1,112 Breakfast

Wow.  I thought $8.00 was pricey for my last omelet.

At the Altira Macau Hotel on the island of Taipa (near Hong Kong), they offer a breakfast on their room service menu that costs 8,888 Macanese patacas.  That’s over a thousand U.S. dollars.

$1,112 Breakfast

The meal consists of:

  • 30 grams of beluga caviar served on ice with blinis and a variety of garnishes like sour cream, chopped egg and scallions
  • Granola with berry yogurt
  • Your choice of a) eggs Benedict with Balik smoked salmon or b) Australian Wagyu beef sirloin with two eggs
  • One bottle of Dom Pérignon (Vintage 2002)
  • A basket of baked goods
  • A platter of seasonal fruit
  • Your choice of juice, coffee or tea

What?  No hash browns?

More Information: Try Macau’s $1,112 Breakfast

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