Happy National Cereal Day!

National Cereal Day Table Setup

The 7th of March is Cereal Day /

so we invited some friends to come over and play.

The table was set with all sorts of cereals /

with milk and with bowls and with other materials.

Mimosas In Milk Bottles For National Cereal Day

Older kids drank orange juice with champagne /

The younger ones had to drink their juice plain.

Boxes were opened and pieces were poured /

Three kinds of Cheerios were the first we explored.

Kids Celebrating National Cereal Day

There were wonderful smiles and rejoices of “yummy” /

As little round loops filled little round tummies.

Loops of all colors, fruit-flavored balls /

cinnamon squares… we sampled them all.

Cute Kid Eating Fruity Cheerios

The children found every cereal delicious /

but one mother worried they weren’t that nutritious.

National Cereal Day Party

I told that mom something she didn’t know /

Most of these cereals are non-GMO.

Sharing Cereal On National Cereal Day

That blew her mind, so I shattered her brain… /

all of these cereals are made with whole grains.

National Cereal Day Kids

The children continued to eat with big grins /

and pieces of cereal stuck to their chins.

National Cereal Day Gift Bags

Once the bowls were all empty and gift bags were gifted /

I remembered a scene and my spirits were lifted.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Kid

A little girl eating with intense concentration /

with quite respect for this day in our nation.

Raise your spoons to the air and repeat what I say: /

All hail cereal! Happy #CerealDay!

National Cereal Day

Special thanks to General Mills for sending us a Cereal Day gift box with cereals and party favors which inspired us to hold this year’s party.

For everything you could ever want to know about breakfast cereals, visit The Cereal Project at MrBreakfast.com.

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