Taste Test: Del Taco’s New Grande Scrambler

Ads for Del Taco's New Grande Scrambler

The ad showing Del Taco’s new breakfast burrito being hauled by a forklift is pretty spot-on.  The new Grande Scrambler is heavy.  When the Del Taco drive-thru kid handed me a bag of two, I almost dropped them.  I was expecting the weight of a couple cheeseburgers, not the heaviness of a honeydew melon.

A Grande Scrambler consists of eggs, shredded Cheddar cheese, hash brown sticks, pico de gallo salsa and your choice of sausage or bacon, all wrapped in a flour tortilla.

The Sausage Grande Scrambler In Reality

The Sausage Grande Scrambler In Reality

The Bacon Grande Scrambler In Reality

The Bacon Grande Scrambler In Reality

This is no breakfast for the diet-conscience. The bacon variety has 1130 calories and the sausage variety has 1100 calories.

Of the two kinds, I much preferred the sausage burrito.  The sausage had a decent, mildly-spicy flavor that paired well with the pico de gallo salsa.  The bacon burrito was somehow too rich.  It’s not bacon, per say, but rather bacon bits.  In my burrito, the bacon bits were clumped together and it looked more like ground beef. I love bacon… but if you grind it up and serve it in its most concentrated form, it’s just too much.

Del Taco's New Grande Scrambler Is Big

At $3.49 per burrito, you get your money’s worth.  Unfortunately, that’s not such a great thing. The Grande Scrambler is so big that you might get disgusted with it before you’re done.  By the end, you start to take more notice of the drawbacks like the concentrated bacon and a slight sponginess to the sausage.  If you’re like me, you’ll also feel fat and wish you’d stopped after the first 1/3.

The best part of the Grande Scrambler is actually the pico de gallo salsa.  It tastes garden fresh and adds a brightness to the heavier flavors.

And now for the report card…

Sausage Grande Scrambler:  B

Bacon Grande Scrambler: C-

New Grande Scrambler On Del Taco's Menu

See you later.  I’m leaving now to take my big burrito butt to the gym.

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  • It looks good to me even in the real-life pictures. I love breakfast burritos, but over 1,000 calories! As much as I’d like to try it, I just can’t. I’m inspired though to try to make a healthy one with whole wheat tortillas and egg whites. Wish me luck Mr B!

  • I tried the grande scrambler with sausage this morning and the one I got was humongous. Not sure why yours is so much smaller. Either way, I was wondering how you got the calorie count for this?? I didnt eat all the ingredients and need to find the nutritional info for this. Help pls if you have any idea. Its not on their website since this is a promotional item.

    • Hi Susan – If you look at the picture of their in-store breakfast menu, you can see the calorie count in small print under the price. In California, the fast food chains are required to show calories on their menus. So… did you like your Grande Scrambler?

      • I didn’t go into the store since I got the item using drive-thru. Well del taco doesnt have calorie info for every single item and especially not for promo items that are only available for a limited time. The grande scrambler was okay. I wouldn’t get it again though. Not really a fan of their eggs. For some reason it’s just not very tasty. I think similar burritos taste better at other fast food restaurant s.

  • Thanks for the calorie info. Any idea how much protein is in this? I tried one today, and it is indeed HUGE! But overall, I thought it was pretty good. I tried the bacon version, and in the one I got, the bacon bits were sprinkled throuhout the burrito.

  • J Barry Skidmore

    Are Del Taco eggs real eggs?

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