Happy Birthday To Me!

Birthday Breakfast Gifts 2012

A Bounty Of Breakfast Booty

Don’t you hate people who are hard to buy gifts for?  I mean… you probably love them… buy buying them gifts… ugh.  Luckily for my friends and family I’m not one of those people.  Look at this Breakfast Bounty.

T-Shirts:  Bacon Makes It Better, Rice Krispies and Wheaties

Cooking Supplies:  The Ronco Donut Maker, A Pro-Grade Beater and Donut “Enter” Oven Mitts And Dish Towels (Donut “Eaters” will notice the rare misprint)

Donut Book:  Glazed America

Vintage Cookbooks And Pamphlets:  Sophia Loren’s Recipes (1998), The Pancake Cookbook (1963), Late Breakfast Or Brunch (1972) and Cooking With A Surprising Difference (1979).

A bottle of honey actually harvested by one of my cousins.  Gotta bee happy about that one.

Thanks everybody for fantastic birthday!

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