For The Kids: Pancake Caterpillars

What kind of caterpillar becomes a butterfly of flavor in your mouth?  A pancake caterpillar, of course.

We’ve all made faces on our pancakes.  But did you know… if you just tuck a few smaller pancakes under the face, you get a character.  In this case, it’s a caterpillar with pancakes that get increasing smaller as you reach the end of the body.

Pancake Caterpillar

Here’s a tip:  Use two pancakes that are slightly larger than the face and you end up with a pancake snowman.

When it comes to kids and pancake characters (or breakfast buddies), there’s an added benefit you may not realize.  It’s a sneaky way to get kids to eat fruit.  A strawberry mouth, banana eyes, a raisin nose… super fun!  Unbeknownst to them, you’ve added to nutrition to a breakfast that is usually pretty low on the healthy scale.

Another thing I like about this caterpillar is that it can serve a couple people at once. There might be a fight over who get the face, but just have  some extra pieces of fruit available.  Everybody can have a caterpillar face.

This is one of those recipes where you don’t really need a recipe.  But you know what… here’s a recipe anyway.  Enjoy!

Pancake Caterpillars Recipe

Pancake Caterpillar

Have you ever made a character or face out of your breakfast?  Post a comment below.  I’d love to hear about it!

Pancake Caterpillar That Turned Out Weird

This is a pancake caterpillar I made using small pieces of pancake to make the face.  It’s a little creepy.  My advice:  Use fruit.

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