Cougnou (Bread Of Jesus)

(6 servings)

  • Water 25 G of fresh yeast in 1/4 liter of tepid milk
  • Add 2 eggs
  • 1 salt pinch and 2 C with sugar soup
  • Join 500 G of flour while working well
  • Add 75 G of butter and knead
Roll the paste in ball and let raise 2 h. Travaillez again and divide it into two parts. With one of it, work a lengthened ball which you will deposit on the plate of the furnace.

Divide other half into two, form 2 balls rounder than you will join with the first.

On one of these balls, insert 2 currants to form the eyes, larger to form the nose and gild the whole with the egg yolk. Let raise again.

Charge with hot furnace and let cook 40 min.

A very old recipe for an Easter Bread. Please forgive the translation. I'm posting here hoping someone might translate it to modern times for me.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank football for this recipe.

Recipe number 739. Submitted 12/12/2002.