Grandma's Eggs

(1 serving)

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 slices toast
  • butter
Toast 2 slices of bread, preferably white bread. Butter bread after toasted.

Cut each slice lengthwise and then again to form approximately 1 inch square pieces.

Put all cut pieces into medium sized bowl (cereal bowl will be sufficient).

Fry eggs over medium without breaking yoke.

Once fried, add eggs to bowl breaking yokes and mix together with square pieces of bread.


Note From Recipe Submitter:
I've found this to be a great recipe for my children and grandchildren over the years. They enjoy mixing their toast with their eggs instead of the way eggs and toast are conventionally served.

More of a serving suggestion than a recipe, this dish mixes chopped pieces of buttered toast with fried eggs.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank johnpaz1 for this recipe.

Recipe number 2903. Submitted 8/11/2010.