Salmon Breakfast Bruschetta

(3 servings)

  • smoked salmon lox
  • 3 slices of artisan loaf or other favorite kind of bread
  • 8 large eggs - beaten
  • Marscapone cheese or cream cheese
  • 2 Tablespoons herbs de provence*
  • butter for frying
  • salt and pepper - to taste
  • fresh basil and salsa verde - for garnish
Place bread under preheated broiler. When browned on the top, flip them over and brown the other side. This takes about 1 minute per side.

Melt the butter in a frying pan over medium-low heat. Add the eggs to the pan. Season with herbs de provence and salt and pepper. When the egg starts to set, push cooked egg toward the center with a spatula allowing uncooked egg to flow to the sides. Continue cooking and scrambling until the egg is almost completely set. Turn off heat and set aside.

Slather Marscapone cheese over each slice of toast. Top each toast slice with equal portions of scrambled eggs. Top the eggs with crinkled smoked salmon.

If desired, top servings with salsa verde and fresh basil.

* To make your own herbs de provence, mix together 1 teaspoon of each of the following dried herbs: rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, marjoram and fennel seed. You can, of coarse, add others herbs or try other combinations. It's a nice thing to have around the house, so consider using a Tablespoon of each to make a larger amount.

This is an elegant dish that perfect for brunches and celebration breakfasts like Mother's Day or birthdays.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank ssgirl for this recipe.

Recipe number 2830. Submitted 5/7/2010.