Red Sunrise

(1 serving)

  • sprinkling of water
  • 1 pound frozen rhubarb
  • sugar - to taste
  • vanilla - to taste
  • vanilla yogurt
  • your favorite granola
To begin, swirl the water in a saucepan so that the rhubarb doesn't burn, then cook slowly over medium-low heat until fruit is plump and juicy. Add a drop of vanilla and sugar to taste. You may also add a tiny dollop of butter for a nice sheen. Then, create a layered effect by adding amounts of compote, yogurt, and granola in small ramekins or glasses. Enjoy!

The compote can be served either warm or cold, and you can add any assortment of ingredients such as strawberries, raspberries, sultana raisins, etc. It also goes very well with apple pie, ice cream, and even as a side with poultry if you are a rhubarb lover like me! It's particularly comforting during our long Canadian winters.

I enjoy this particular recipe with some strong coffee, toast, and the morning paper. A great start to the day!

Mr Breakfast would like to thank slickjake for this recipe.

Recipe number 1932. Submitted 12/17/2006.