Gaymer Wa Dibis (Iraq)

(6 servings)

  • 1 white baguette bread with sesame seeds
  • 1 pot of clotted cream (like our small butter tubs)
  • 1 bottle of date syrup
Warm up the oven to 250 degrees. Heat the baguette for a few minutes but don't let it get crispy.

Create a serving try with the syrup in a serving bowl and clotted cream in a separate bowl.

Rip the warm bread into a couple of pieces and place on tray. Serve immediately.

To eat, tear off bite-sized pieces from the baguette and dip into the cream and then into the date syrup.


Find date syrup at most specialty food stores or see this recipe.

About This Recipe:

In Iraq, gaymer is very creamy white cream made from buffalo milk. It is very hard to find outside of that region. Clotted cream makes a fine replacement. Popular in England, clotted cream has thick clotted texture achieved by by heating the cream of high-fat breed cows to about 190 degrees F and allowing it to cool slowly.

A traditional Iraqi breakfast (or anytime) meal consisting of quality bread, cream and date syrup.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank AnaLola for this recipe.

Recipe number 1775. Submitted 6/16/2006.