Fried Bread

(8 servings)

  • bacon
  • frozen bread dough
  • vegetable oil
The night before:

Lightly oil a large bowl, add the frozen bread dough and cover with a lightly greased peice of plastic wrap or a clean kitchen towel. Allow to thaw and rise overnight on the kitchen counter.

In the morning:

Punch down dough and knead lightly just to get the dough smooth. Fry the bacon to your liking, remove from the pan, and use the bacon drippings to fry the bread dough. With a sharp paring knife, cut off a chunk of dough about 2 inches in diameter (more or less) and gently stretch it to about 4 inches diameter. The dough should be in one peice, no holes! Immediately place the stretched dough into the frying pan, over medium heat.

Fry until the bottom is light golden brown, then flip to brown the other side. The dough will puff up as it's cooking. Remove from pan and keep warm in a low oven, or serve immediately.

To eat - this is the best part - push the tines of a fork into the side of the dough (like splitting an english muffin) and pry the top off with a knife. Spread the insides with butter, jam or honey.

This has been a family tradition for Christmas morning breakfast for as long as I can remember - it's decadent, but we only have it once a year, so what's the harm?

Mr Breakfast would like to thank chefshuey for this recipe.

Recipe number 1584. Submitted 11/29/2005.