Very Berry Waffles

(1 serving)

  • spoon of cream cheese
  • spoon of powdered sugar
  • canned blueberries
  • maple or karo syrup
  • sliced strawberries
  • pre-made waffles
  • cranberries
Place the waffle or waffles on a glass plate. (Make sure waffle is cooked and still warm. Next Put desired amount of canned bluberries on top of waffle, spread around evenly (Ok if drips over-it gives it texture). Around the waffle drizzle, or pour syrup, making swirls or beauty.

On the syrup on the outer edge of the plate place sliced strawberries giving color and beauty. Then on top of the blueberry on the waffle, spoon a well rounded dot of cream cheese. And walla you have Berry Yummy Waffles!!

These are the best looking, and most yummy waffles I have ever had in my life. I hope ya'll enjoy them as well.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank Anonymous Breakfast Lover for this recipe.

Recipe number 1391. Submitted 11/20/2004.