Cooked Ripe Plantains

(8 servings)

  • ripe plantains
  • butter or margarine (optional)
  • honey or maple syrup (optional)
Take 4 large plantains. Cut them into half. Make small alternating 1-inch slits with the knife, cutting into the skin and a little into the flesh. The plantain can now be steamed in a steamer for 10 minutes, less or more, depending on how ripe the plantains are.

They can also be cooked in the microwave, high heat for 5 minutes. The plantains should be soft and firm (some love them mushy) to the touch. It is ready to serve at this stage. However, if you wished to add a knob of butter or margarine, slit open each plantain in half, as for a banana split (take care, it will be steaming hot), and add the knob. Serve honey or maple syrup on the side. If the plantains are sweet, you will not even need the syrup.

They would look lovely served on a plantain leaf, a large round collard leaf or any non-toxic leaf.

A simple tropical breakfast dish, very popular in Kerala, South India. Healthy and ideal for picnics or trips.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank elizabeth18 for this recipe.

Recipe number 1386. Submitted 11/7/2004.