Corned Beef Hash/Poached Eggs/Tamarillo Chutney

(1 serving)

  • Corned beef (left over from previous night works great)
  • Agria potato
  • Extra virgin Olive Oil
  • Fresh ground salt & pepper
  • Horseradish Cream
  • Fresh Large Farm Eggs
  • Tamarillo Chutney - separate recipe
  • Italian sour dough bread
  • butter
Boil Potatoes & mash with oil, butter, salt and pepper.

Blend in chopped corned beef & horseradish .

Poach two eggs. Toast bread & spread with butter.

Serve Mash/Eggs on Toast hot - with chutney.

Two slices of bread, two eggs and a generous heap of mash - serves one.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank zinzan for this recipe.

Recipe number 1001. Submitted 5/25/2003.