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Brooklyn, New York

Reviews of breakfast restaurants and places that serve breakfast in Brooklyn.

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Golden Egg Rating

2nd Street Cafe
7th Avenue and 2nd Street

7 Avenue Donut Shop
324 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Daisy's Diner
452 5th Avenue

Dallas BBQ
132 2nd Ave
East Village

Del Rio
Kings Highway and West 12 St

9th Street and 8th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Dunkin Donuts
on Fifth Ave and 68 St

El Greco
1821 Emmons Ave.
Brooklyn, New York

El Greco Diner
Emmons Ave. and Sheepshead Bay Rd.

Ave U near Coyle Stree

Gyro Uno
Fourth Ave And 68th St

386 Flatbus Ave.
Brooklyn, New York

Kings Plaza Diner
Avenue U, across from the only mall in Brooklyn. Therefore, aptly named, Kings Plaza.

Le Creperie
1320 East 19th Street

1969 86th Street
Brooklyn, New York

Mcdonald's (18th and 65th)
on 18th Ave corner and the of 65th St

Mike's Diner
Dekalb Avenue - toward Downtown Bklyn, one block from the precinct on Dekalb

Narrows Coffee Shop
10001 4th Avenue (at 100th Street)
Ft Hamilton, Bay Ridge

New Clements
1612 Sheepshead Bay Road

New Royal
on Fourth Ave between Bay Ridge Pkway and 68th St

Pizza Nosh
Near the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Kings Highway

Purity Diner
Seventh Avenue at 6th Street

2017 Emmons Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11235

Retro 50 Diner
A.K.A "Nebraska Diner"
2939 Cropsey Avenue

Royal Restaurant
Fifth Ave Between 77St and 78St

Shang Chai
2189 Flatbush Ave.

Sheepshead Bay Diner
Emmons Ave near Coyle street

Sunset Park Diner
889 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11232

The Nebraska Diner
In the Bay Parkway Area of Brooklyn
On the Corner of Canal Ave. & Cropsy Ave.

The Usual
Vanderbilt Ave. between Prospect Place and St. Marks

Three Star
on Ave U between E 16 St and E17 St

At the corner of Washington & Sterling, Prospect Heights

Vegas Diner
1619 86th Street

Gone But Not Forgotten
The following restaurants were reviewed but are now closed.

Avenue U Diner (Closed)
156 Avenue U

Banania (Closed)
241 Smith St.

Caravelle (Closed)
Avenue M and East 19th Street

Lundys (Closed)
Emmons Ave. in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn
(Right across from the ocean)

Mario & Luigi's (Closed)
2007 Emnons Ave / next to Randazzo's

Pomme de Terre (Closed)
1301 Newkirk Ave.

Richelieu (Closed)
2035 86th St.

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